140 You

Postal Place will have a signature transformation into a lounge with plush textures and gold reflections set underneath a cloudy artistic installation, inviting relaxation and luxury. With a focus on human connection, the space will house free lunchtime live art classes*, free massage*, live music and more.

A positive spark in the daily commute is what 140 Perth’s latest activation, 140You, inspires. For three consecutive weeks the precinct celebrates the beauty of individuality, encouraging self-love and empowerment through immersing patrons in positive messages and compliments.

The centre piece to the space is a large Magic Mirror which will compliment passers by in real time. The mirror will be secretly voiced by various people including young women from the Esther Foundation and various actors and ‘Perthonalities’.

Commuters will receive a compliment every step of their way to work, school or a casual city shopping trip. Ascending the stairs from Perth Underground, large words of affirmation will engulf their every step. Their morning coffee will tell them how valued they are. The Magic Mirror will compliment their attitude or smile or outfit. It sounds idyllic but it is indeed the reality that will come to life this May/June.

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